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Re: Getting out of the rat race today
From: Gary aka the Millionaire Maker

You are about to embark on the mentoring that will revolutionize your beliefs about what is truly possible with "NO MONEY DOWN" real estate investing!

If you can follow simple instructions have a few extra hours to spare a week and have the desire to make more money.

I can train you to become a wholesaling KING or QUEEN!


Which puts you in a great position because you have absolutely NO RISK!

So with NO RISK and my coaching I can make you into whatever you desire. Flip one property a month to put your kids through college or do like many of my students and flip properties like a mad man (or mad women) and create yourself some real wealth…

My name is Tony I am 22 and I live in Dallas. I started my training with Gary and in 3 months I earned over $30,000 from 4 deals. Thanks again Gary for all the training.
My name is Lisa and I live in upstate New York. I bought book after book and went to seminar after seminar for over 2 years and never made one dime in real estate. When I saw Gary’s $99 coaching I said what do I have to lose. Boy was I surprised. After the first week I found a duplex that I put under contract for 25K. I sold it for 42K. And made myself almost 17K within 2 weeks. That was the best $99 I have ever spent.
Kim Lee from Houston writes… Only in America can someone like myself come here on a work Visa hear about wholesaling and do a deal within 3 weeks. I made in 3 weeks what I was going to make the entire 6 months I was scheduled to be here. Thanks Gary your coaching changed my life.

And that's what we are here to do change lifes…

So Who Is Gary?

I will try to sum up a very long story in a few paragraphs.

I am a real estate investor from Ohio that currently closes 4-8 deals per month with an average of 5k-10K per closing.

Do the math if I close 4-8 deals per month at 5K-10K per closing that's some serious money. If I can do it any body can.

Well back to my life story…

I started investing in real estate in the late 90's with a strategy of BUY, REHAB and REFINANCE.

That strategy made me a lot of money and my life was great.

Until the economy changed, I couldn't refinance my properties anymore and no bank was willing to give me a loan even though my credit was above 700…

Heck I couldn't get a banker to come within 10 feet of me with a loan application. At that time my life sucked!

I lost every single one of my rental properties and had to file BANKRUPTCY. That was a real low point my life…

But I never gave up I knew if I wanted to be wealthy I had to do it in real estate. I had read somewhere that 95% of all millionaires made there first million from real estate.

And I wanted my share of those millions.

I followed the same path that most people are taught.

Go to school. So I did. In fact I made great grades in school I graduated from college with a 3.87 GPA. But anyway….

Go to school, get a "Good Job", climb the corporate ladder and save money in a 401K.

I tried that and guess what I got the same results that most people get when they do that…

They end up broke!! And so did I!!

So I decided after reading a few books and learning almost all millionaires make their first million in real estate.

I was going to become a real estate millionaire.

I was almost at my breaking point. Until I learned about wholesaling from an investor that was new to my area. In fact he was new to the country.

I saw him driving around in a big fancy car and knew he had a big fancy house also.

I wanted what he had…
And that was money. Lots of money!

I begged him for weeks to teach me what he was doing.

He finally agreed to train me on what he was calling Quick Turn Real Estate.

Which I later learned what he was doing was more commonly called WHOLESALING

He charged me $3,000 to (I had to borrow from my family) train me on NO RISK real estate investing…

That was the best investment of my life…

To be honest that was the changing point in my life.

My mentor took me from being a struggling bankrupt landlord to a successful wholesaler in three months…

My name is Lamont and I live in Columbus, Ohio. The mentor program literally changed my life. I flunked out of college and was starting to look like a big disappointment to my family. My girlfriend at the time told me about a real estate mentor that was training new students for only $99. I couldn’t believe it. Every other training program I knew of charged 5K-10K. I spent nearly 25K to a university, didn’t get a degree and didn’t make a dollar from any of the so called education I received. With the Gary’s training in 2 months I learned all about wholesaling and flipped my first property for 8K in profit.

I have been successfully wholesaling since 2004!


For years I always heard it takes money to make money…

That statement is so untrue. I will teach you how to wholesale your way to wealth without having any money to start...

And don't you deserve that?

I hope you answered yes.

I my coaching program I will teach you:
  • You Do Not need money to invest in real estate
  • You Do Not need credit to invest in real estate
  • You Do Not need to be computer savvy to be a real estate investor

This mentoring is for anyone that:

  • Hates their current job
  • Wants to fire their boss
  • Wants to make thousands of dollars part time
  • Needs help with current struggling real estate business
  • Wants to spend more time with their family
  • Is worried about the current recession
  • Would like to finally take control of their future
  • Lost money in the stock market
  • Hates being broke
  • Deserves more money

You get the picture.

If you fit into any of the above categories. You need this mentorship program NOW!

We know times are rough for many people so if you don't have a credit card please email us at and we will give you other payment options.

My name is Todd and I live in Augusta, Georgia. For $99 I learned more in the first month from Gary than I did from over $25,000 in real estate seminars and programs. I wish I would have found Gary two years prior. I would have saved myself a lot of money and started making money a lot sooner.
My name is Jane and I have been wholesaling real estate for three years. Let me rephrase that I have been trying to wholesale real estate. I would have never thought that a $99 mentorship would allow me to finally break through. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on courses and seminars. And all those courses and seminars kept telling me I needed a mentor. Well they all charged $10,000-$25,000. I just couldn’t afford it. Well I met someone that had just signed up with Gary and he flipped his first deal within two weeks. I was happy for him and jealous at the same time. He told me he had a $99 mentor and so I went to the site signed up and 6 months later I have made over 100K doing this part time. It was really easy with the joint ventures that Gary is willing to do with his students.

Here is what you get with this mentorship:

  • How to make $3,000-$10,000 per deal
  • How to find and flip 2-4 deals a month in your spare time
  • I will hold your hand from the start all the way up to cashing the bid fat profit check
  • Access to my funds that can be used for double closings
  • My direct email and phone ( Call me anytime)
  • Property value spreadsheets ( Take the guess work out of property values)
  • How to evaluate properties in 5 minutes or less ( No one else is teaching this)
  • My time tested ironed clad NO RISK contracts
  • Learn how to get million dollar homes under contract without using any of your money
  • Learn to flip properties in any type of market
  • Learn to evaluate rising and declining markets
  • Learn to flip properties of the internet
  • Learn to flip properties in "War Zones" (You heard me right I will show you how to flip houses in the Ghetto. Don't worry I will show you how to do this without even visiting the property)
  • I will joint venture with you on your deals
  • How to set up a LLC

All this for only $99 per month with no minimum obligation. This can be paid conveniently and securely through paypal or by using any major credit card.

We know times are rough for many people so if you don't have a credit card please email us at and we will give you other payment options.

Stay a student for as long as you like. Most students get a few deals under their belt then cancel. But it is purely up to you…

You may ask yourself why is it only $99 per month? Well here's why I know most mentorship programs charge anywhere from $3,000-$50,000. And those mentors are making all of their money from being a so called GURU.

Well I am an active real estate investor that makes 99% of my income from doing deals.

The mentorship program is only a small percentage of my income. And I only started it because of popular demand.

Several newbie investors knew that I was closing 8-10 deals per month. And they were begging for me to train them.

I did this for free until I started to have so many students that I needed to be compensated for my time. I didn’t want to charge several $$$$ thousands of dollars like the so called GURUS…

I wanted to help people that really needed help…

I wanted to make it affordable for people…

I wanted to help change peoples life…

And believe me this will change your life…

Don't wait another minute you need my help to reach your full potential…

Click the paypal link below to get started in your new real estate business…

Remember its only $99 per month and you can cancel at anytime…

Remember if you don't have a credit card email us at for other payment options.


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